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KidMinPlus: Your Source for Kids Ministry Training and Community

Do you wish you had a community where you can connect and learn with other ministry leaders, rather than going it alone and feeling totally overwhelmed by it all?

KidMinPlus provides everything you need to take your kid’s ministry to new heights. Get access to a monthly toolkit, training courses, actionable frameworks, and a supportive community of kid ministers to find encouragement and what you need to keep going each week. 

Grow your leadership abilities through dedicated courses on building healthy habits, creating balanced ministry teams, and avoiding burnout. Level up your hands-on skills with our ministry how-to's on engaging today's kids, using technology, and creating unforgettable programs.

Join KidMinPlus today for just $15 a month. That's far less than just one leadership book! But the payoff is life-changing. What could you achieve with more confidence, better skills and a community that has your back month after month? 

The first step is yours - become a member today!